Oculus Rift

   So I know I’m not the only one excited for this!  The Oculus Rift  looks WAY to fun to be real but it is!! AHHH Think about how awesome it would be to play Skyrim or Call of Duty on there. I don’t even  like Call of Duty  and it still  sounds like fun or drunken Halo! It’s always better to play Halo when you drink!

  Though I have to wonder will  the go Apple or Andriod? Confused? You  should be! I’m talking about porn of course!  Apple forbids it and Android embraces it! I wonder if the Oculus Rift open and whole new kinky world where people are free to try all of their creepiest fantasies with out actually acting it out! I bet the deaths of erotic asphyxiation would probably dwindle if it is indeed the case they allow crazy weird kinky porn. Can’t be kicked in the head and killed by a virtual horse!

So if you have  no idea what the hell I’m talking about here’s a few  videos to check out and get updated on the biggest  thing to happen to gaming!!!





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