Back from the dead!

Hello! I have been quite busy sense I last posted.How ever there a few new exciting things!

First off I discover free otome games for Android! Most of them have been bought up  by some shitty  company constantly making you pay if you  want to  progress at but a last they  have not bought them all  there are TRULY free otome games out there!

Secondly, I have found a fantastic table top gaming group and they have shown me  EXALTED!!! If you thought DnD was addictive then you  should think again. Possibly the funnest  table top champagne I have EVER had the pleasure to play! The Game Maser aka story teller has ever allowed me to play character so long as they aren’t in the party at the same time. I’m in love with abyssal  and lunar!

Third I’m going back to Europe! I went last year for two  months  and now I’m 10 days away from taking yet  another two trip! I’ll be posting youtube videos for my family but if you  want a peak into my personal life feel free to watch!

Fourth, I’m an avid League of Legends addict. It’s the funnest most challenging pvp game I’ve ever played and it’s a great way to waist your time.. and maybe a little money.

Now that I’ve gotten my ranting out of the way! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and thank you for reading this!


Katawa Shoujo


Katawa Shoujo is a dating sim game for men but I found it equally as enjoyable as a lady. It’s mostly dialogue in the beginning but the choices you make all the difference. First off you can die which is not something that happens often in Otome games. I really enjoyed this because it creates immersion that otherwise would not be there.

The plot is also  very relate-able  and complicated which again is a good thing. It’s story of boy who has developed a heart  condition causing him to have a heart attack when a girl  first confesses her love to him. He has to go to  a boarding school that is specially made for children with medical problems  and complications. There he meets all of the young ladies shown above in the photo.

Through out the game the animation of it is good, it never falters. It has a great production.

I hope you guys check it out and  have fun with it! WARNING!  If you  don’t wish to see sexual content before you play the game go into settings and unchecked the box that say “adult content” ! Other wise you’ll  get a lovely view of Emmy naked.

This game is free the link to download is below! ^^


Britney Williams 251

I’m Britney, I prefer to  be called Brit. This blog will be about my interest ( nerd shit ). I plan to talk about  Music, Anime, Otome games, Games and Shows I like or plan to  watch. This is Not a personal blog by any means. I don’t think people want to see yet another person on the internet complaining about their life problems.

So with that in mind if you happened to stumble across this blog please keep an open mind towards it because I will  do my best not to bore my  readers like I am now.

P.s I love cats.. and you Will hear about them .. a lot.