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First of all, THANK YOU for the outpouring of support, stories and help. Please continue to comment on my post Common Core and Vegan Zombies if you want. I read all comments. I might not respond to everyone because, if people have signed up to follow any further comments, I could blow up their e-mails.

This said, the “Dreaded Parent-Teacher Meeting” went rather well. For the record, this private preschool has been wonderful. We love the teachers and they love The Spawn. I know they are doing these “evaluations” because they get directives from the Borg public schools. Blech.

The Meeting

My husband went with me (so someone would have hold of my leash). We offered insight into our unorthodox home life and explained that The Spawn has two introversive parents both working in non-structured creative fields.

And he is FOUR.

We (Dad and Mom) were also run through the…

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Common Core and Vegan Zombies—Confessions of an ADD Mother

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The Spawn loves airplanes. Watching The Blue Angels. The Spawn loves airplanes. Watching The Blue Angels.

This week I have to go to a parent-teacher meeting regarding The Spawn. They are concerned he is developmentally behind because he’s four and people have a hard time understanding him. His speech isn’t where it “should be.” And this just puts a knot in my skirt.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want to honestly and lovingly help my son with any challenges he might face, but sometimes I want to scream. We have handed our kids to the bean-counters and academics and the children are the collateral damage.

This Isn’t Our First Rodeo

When The Spawn was two months old, I took him for his first checkup and vaccinations. They wanted to give him and UNGODLY amount of vaccinations at one time and I said no. I wanted to space them out. He weighed only eight pounds and common sense…

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Oculus Rift

   So I know I’m not the only one excited for this!  The Oculus Rift  looks WAY to fun to be real but it is!! AHHH Think about how awesome it would be to play Skyrim or Call of Duty on there. I don’t even  like Call of Duty  and it still  sounds like fun or drunken Halo! It’s always better to play Halo when you drink!

  Though I have to wonder will  the go Apple or Andriod? Confused? You  should be! I’m talking about porn of course!  Apple forbids it and Android embraces it! I wonder if the Oculus Rift open and whole new kinky world where people are free to try all of their creepiest fantasies with out actually acting it out! I bet the deaths of erotic asphyxiation would probably dwindle if it is indeed the case they allow crazy weird kinky porn. Can’t be kicked in the head and killed by a virtual horse!

So if you have  no idea what the hell I’m talking about here’s a few  videos to check out and get updated on the biggest  thing to happen to gaming!!!



  After about 24 hours of travel I finally made it to Belgium! I arrived at 8 am so naturally  I ate as much as I could at my bf’s grandparents house and as soon as we arrived home I was out! I haven’t slept that good in a LONG time. The preceding day I we went to a family get together at  his grandmother house on his mom  side. That was..  fun. After they had gotten me drunk off champagne I went around kissing everyone on the cheek and acting like  I knew what  the hell I was doing though soon they caught on to me and I was the butt of everyone’s joke.

  Ah yes the great thing about being an Alaskan is that EVERYONE has something to say about it. It was all in good fun so I can’t be too butt hurt.  At dinner they had constantly refilled our glasses to ensure we didn’t know quite how much we drank. It was like soda at a restaurant an  endless flow of bubbles!  Anyhow after eating my wait in smoked fish and meat balls they thought it’d be a great idea to challenge me to a little competition, who ever names the most states in 5 minutes gets first dibs on the chocolate mousse!

Still well intoxicated I accepted and won with 29 states listed I even did better than the teacher who had just finished studying the subject!  Thus I proved not all Americans are  stupid and most certainly aren’t when ever there is chocolate involved! For ten minutes I got to gloat saying well of course I won  I’m american of course I know the states.  Then I had a convenient bath room break when ever they were stating all of the European countries. My point is chocolate mousse makes for a damn good geography lesson.

Sex and the Wheelchair

I loved it lol


Sex and the Wheelchair - mightwar

I want to fuck my wife.

Yep, I said it. I want to fuck my wife.

In fact, I’d prefer to be doing that rather than writing this post. But unfortunately, no can do.

And that’s the problem right there.

I realise that many of you are now hurriedly backing away from your screens at this point, but I really need to talk about this.


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Back from the dead!

Hello! I have been quite busy sense I last posted.How ever there a few new exciting things!

First off I discover free otome games for Android! Most of them have been bought up  by some shitty  company constantly making you pay if you  want to  progress at but a last they  have not bought them all  there are TRULY free otome games out there!

Secondly, I have found a fantastic table top gaming group and they have shown me  EXALTED!!! If you thought DnD was addictive then you  should think again. Possibly the funnest  table top champagne I have EVER had the pleasure to play! The Game Maser aka story teller has ever allowed me to play character so long as they aren’t in the party at the same time. I’m in love with abyssal  and lunar!

Third I’m going back to Europe! I went last year for two  months  and now I’m 10 days away from taking yet  another two trip! I’ll be posting youtube videos for my family but if you  want a peak into my personal life feel free to watch!

Fourth, I’m an avid League of Legends addict. It’s the funnest most challenging pvp game I’ve ever played and it’s a great way to waist your time.. and maybe a little money.

Now that I’ve gotten my ranting out of the way! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and thank you for reading this!